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RESONANT BODIES is an exhibition about the sonic reflections between bodies and their environments.

Featuring new works by Aliya Pabani, Chandra Melting Tallow, Cheldon Paterson, Jon Tjhia, Kaija Siirala and Phoebe Wang.

It runs August 11 - 17 at Toronto Media Arts Centre

More info HERE.




third coast presentation

Michelle is co-presenting “The Art of Noise: A history of experimental radio” at this year’s Third Coast Conference.

“What does it mean for a podcast or radio story to be “innovative” or “experimental”? Is it in the writing? The structure? The use of sound?



Jess is collaborating on behalf of Constellations with Nina Garthwaite of In the Dark to present a workshop on radio and movement as part of Soundhouse: The Listening Body at the Barbican. More info HERE.

“Whether or not we notice it, most of us listen to the radio or podcasts in motion, whether doing the dishes, commuting or walking in the park. This workshop will ask participants to explore what happens when we focus our attention on the way we listen with our bodies.”


Michelle is presenting a Constellations listening session at Audiocraft Festival.

"Many podcasts have sprung out of radio journalism. But Constellations pushes profoundly into the nature of listening, and digs into the possibilities of sound art, poetry, and music. This session explores the way audio ephemera and experimental approaches can deepen stories and transform the listener experience."


Constellations presents... 
featuring: Miyuki Jokiranta, Jon Tjhia, Camilla HannanJohn Jacobs & Michelle Macklem

Tuesday May 29, 7:00 - 10:00 pm

@ Wesley Anne, 250 High Street, Northcote, Victoria

Facebook event HERE