angela shackel - lazaro's dream




Lazaro’s Dream was produced and sound designed by Angela Shackel.

Script written by Jules Lewis.

This piece samples text from Michael Ondaatje’s In the Skin of a Lion.

Voiced by Diane D'Aquila, Tomos Lewis and Teresa Morrow

Presented in partnership with Koffler Centre of the Arts and Project Bookmark Canada.

Listen to the piece in it's entirety on through the Koffler Centre here.


Angela writes: 

Lazaro's Dream is an audio walk that mixes history and fiction into a surreal dreamscape and guides listeners through the Danforth area in Toronto, Ontario. Press play and enter a character's dream. We use Michael Ondaatje's In the Skin of a Lion as inspiration and include lines from the text which are voiced by the author.


Constellations says:

Angela Shackel is a sonic songeuse of the highest order. Her place-based work gives us space to reflect on the nature of sound and how we move though it, while we dream on of what could be.


Angela Shackel is an artist and audio producer based in Toronto, Canada. She is the founder of Accounts and Records, through which she’s produced audio plays, walks, podcasts, sound art, and docs. Many of these audio projects have been in partnership with writers such as Anne Michaels, Michael Ondaatje, Edwina Attlee, Mark Mann, Howard Ackler and others.

Beyond audio production, Angela also has a visual arts practice as part of the collective CCC. CCC's audio and installation works have been shown across Canada and in the UK.

Look out for Angela’s upcoming production of Anne Carson’s Antigonick, to air in the fall of 2017 on KCRW’s McSweeney’s podcast, The Organist. Follow Angela on Twitter here.