miyuki jokiranta - no event

Miyuki Jokiranta

No Event was written and composed by Miyuki Jokiranta. It features transplant recipient Carina Martin.


Miyuki writes: 

Time functions asymmetrically in a doctor's waiting room. Our bodies keep their own time, which is rarely calibrated to half hour appointments, and we feel we're often left waiting. The smallest procedure can stretch to fill a day, and a year on waiting list, a lifetime. No Event is a plastic moment in a waiting room.

What's inspiring her in the world of radio:

I am loving Radio Atlas and getting lost in foreign language worlds, especially the reverence for space in Nordic works.

Inspiration outside of audio: 

I've come back to the work of Tasmanian botanical artist, Lauren Black, who's observational drawings of moss blew me away the first time I saw them. The way they respect and represent the miniature is at once painstakingly meticulous and delightful.


Constellations says:

We love Miyuki's spacious and detailed approach to sound design. Her transitions between sequences pull us in and out of the narrative, as we float alongside the procedures.


Miyuki Jokiranta produces for ABC RN’s documentary program, Earshot. She honed her love of radio arts while presenting Soundproof, RN’s playground for the sonically curious. Within her own radio arts practice, she carves a space tipping between music and words. Before falling down the radio art rabbit hole, she produced for a cast of RN Arts programs, and while living and studying in the US for WNYC and NPR, including Radiolab, Radio Rookies and Radio Diaries. Follow her on Twitter: @msmiyukij