abinadi meza - vein of sky (winter #4)

Image by Abinadi Meza

Image by Abinadi Meza

Vein of Sky (Winter #4) was produced by Abinadi Meza. It was commissioned by the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts for the 2014 CounterCurrent Festival, and is also featured in the Centennial Art Project: Art in the Park, at Hermann Park, Houston.


Abinadi says

Vein of Sky is a collection of pieces made from environmental elements such as air temperature, humidity, light, and the movements of wind. These phenomena were recorded using micro-sensors and translated into sound. The project explores a sonic space or ecology not entirely representational yet not entirely fictional. I think the sonic space of the piece is kind of like a sculptural cast; it is imprinted and formed by real space but it has become something other. Space, air...is so full of material. I wanted to collect some of it. 

Vein of Sky was installed near a lake, in a solar-powered pavilion, in a large urban park in Houston, Texas. Walking into the pavilion triggered the compositions, which would then interact with the other sounds happening around the listener at that moment, to create a rich sonic envelope.


Inspiring Abinadi both in and beyond the world of sound

I am really inspired by physical and tactile sounds, what I think of as sculptural sound. I am also inspired by simplicity, how a seemingly simple sound can incandesce with complexity and richness. I studied architecture and am always thinking about my work in sound as a kind of architectural practice, using sound to build or structure or recompose space. I am interested in the poetics and politics of space.


Abinadi Meza
 is an artist currently based in Texas. His artworks, sound works, films and performances have been presented in galleries, museums, festivals and other venues in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand. Find him on Instagram or Soundcloud.

rachel ní chuinn - heavy summer

rachel ni chuinn.png

Heavy Summer was produced by Rachel Ní Chuinn with Fán O'Toole on piano. It airs for the first time on Constellations.


Rachel says

I had a baby last February. I wanted to make something that reflects some of my feelings about what that means, without necessarily too many words. Obviously being a mother is a huge change for me. Fán is 9 months old at the moment and sometimes we put her in her high chair and put her up to the piano, and she really enjoys playing and sometimes singing along. I had a recording of Fán playing the piano and singing. I also rediscovered a field recording of a lawn mower in the Botanical Gardens in Dublin that I took a couple years ago which had this compelling drone-like sound. I placed both recordings together and responded by playing the clarinet, which I've recently started playing and love for its expressiveness. 


Inspiring Rachel both in and beyond the world of sound

I've been a huge fan of Benjamin Walker's for a long time and I am really impressed by his treatment of the real and the fake. I am generally low on sleep and inspiration these days but if it isn't too cloying to say it, watching a tiny human's reactions to sounds is ultimately what I am finding most inspiring as she parses everything with such curiosity and enthusiasm. 

There is a movement in Dublin called Take Back the City that is occupying vacant properties and standing up for families who are being evicted. Dublin is in the middle of a housing crisis and it is inspiring to see people try and tackle the problems with direct action.


Rachel Ní Chuinn works with sound, movement, text and electronics. She produces sound works for radio, live performance, theatre and installation. Her radio features for RTÉ lyric fm include The Shape of Sounds to Come and Mean Time  — a collaborative concert with 10 sound artists for live broadcast. She has worked on exhibitions and electronic performance with sculptors Vanya Lambrecht Ward, Gillian Fitzpatrick `and Renata Pekowska and many great experimental Irish musicians. She has also recently performed her own music with clarinet and live electronics for Martin Sharry's Running + Walking in the Phoenix Park and is working on a new feature documentary for RTÉ lyric fm about a verbatim opera called The Woods & Grandma.

sol rezza - el primer espacio

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 12.14.53 AM.png

El primer Espacio was produced by Sol Rezza in 2017. This work is part of the album entitled El augujero Negro (the black hole).


Sol says:

I like to tell the stories indirectly through sound, and create environments that produce sensations in the listeners.

This work reflects how human beings perceive the maternal uterus at the same time as our bodies and senses are developing. Our sense of hearing is not only related to the development of audition, but also to our understanding of all tactile sensations.

The uterus is a spatial experience that all human beings share but do not remember. Within it, we experience the rhythm of our mother’s heart and that of her breathing alongside the rhythm of our own heart. This first rhythm, so close in those 9 months of gestation, will shape how we will perceive the outside world and how our own sense of rhythm in life will develop.

My way of working is chaotic. I usually work with layers of sound, in this case transforming soundscape recordings I’d previously recorded.I like to discover rhythms in sounds that seem to have no rhythm, like the sound of traffic. I transform the sounds through oscillators and reverb effects. In this piece, the sound reverberations are designed to create the sensation of spatiality.


Inspiring Sol in the worlds of audio and beyond

Three books were fundamental, Michael Chion's book Sound, various texts by Marcel Ponty and the book The Eyes of the Skin.

My inspiration almost always comes from outside the radio. I look for inspiration in other arts including painting, books, movies, photography.


Born in 1982 in Argentina, Sol Rezza now lives in a small town west of Mexico City. She is regarded as a seminal voice in storytelling and radio art in Latin America. Her work explores how we perceive time and space through our senses, and how sounds influence perception in our daily lives.

Rezza has explored the materiality of sound for over 10 years. Her installations, performances and radio works create immersive sound worlds. She creates sound designs, compositions and experimental radio productions for different media and spaces out of her studio, founded in 2015. Her most recent work is an acoustic map of the city of Halle, created during the Radio Corax Radio Art Residency in 2018.

Find more of her work on her Soundcloud, YouTube, and Twitter.